Our Mission:

An organization dedicated to the youth via workshops held by experienced community elders.


Poise and Scribe Sayar


An organization built for community development.


We are elders of a community, a source for public and personal answers, a guide of strength in unity, working with our matriarchs and patriarchs to pass on the torch while uplifting generations to be.


Bay Area, California (eventually worldwide) We are now officially looking for youth/elders with interests/experience in: music, graphic arts, blogging, photography, film, street promotion, business, education, dancing, painting, turntablism, engineering, health, debate, social issues, community service, volunteer, reading, fund raising, and many others…

The Origin of EOB

In late 2016 Poise and Scribe started a conversation about the 64 squares on a chess board. Poise was working on the production of a new song which is how the talk originated and by the end of their brainstorming session, EOB was named. Further discussion led the two founders of EOB into an in depth pursuit to create a whole world out of the initial buzz. By mid 2017 the rules and guidelines of the organization formed and the first two medallions were born.

Elders of the BloQK went public February 22nd. Its roots come from activism on both local and global scales. EOB comes from personal and ancestral struggles. As elders they recognize and help ascertain solutions to all peoples needs by identifying issues, communicating the truth, and guiding youth into opportunistic direction via workshops provided by our most experienced elders of that community.

Read more about Elder Poise and Elder Scribe Sayar through an interview with SDvoyager.com

What's the Community Saying ?

“I am in awe of your vibe, voice, and vision. Your performance at Art Boutiki was great but did not resonate as much as your dedication to the community.”

With Kindness
Maxwell Sines
West Africa, Liberia Peace Corps volunteer
Jan 9, 2020

“Thank you so much for referring Scribe as a coach for our kids. We had a wonderful time exploring, learning and eventually knowing each other as a team. He is not only a wonderful coach but a great human being.

The kids loved working with him and we look forward to having him as our coach next year. “

Redwood City, CA

Non-Discrimination Policy

Elders of the BloQK is committed to equal employment and volunteer opportunity without regard to age, ancestry, disability, national or ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political belief, or veteran status.

This policy applies to all areas of employment and volunteer participation, including recruitment, hiring, training and development, promotion, transfer, termination, layoff, compensation, benefits, social and recreational programs, all other conditions and privileges of employment in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.